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Projetos Chave na Mão

Custom "TurnKey" Project

Custom "TurnKey" Project

When we think of building, we think of problems, red tape, bureaucracies, money and deadlines to not choose this option.

Ecoconcept provides a one-of-a-kind experience in home construction. Our guiding principle is to expedite all of the processes involved in home construction.

We have taken on the responsibility of bringing your project to fruition.

Projeto Chave na Mão

Passive House Construction

Ecoconcept builds high-energy-efficiency homes in nine months. We discovered the path after a lengthy search and numerous studies.

In favor of construction, we combine technology, method, precision, processes, quality, and science.
Ecoconcept provides an evolutionary alternative to traditional building.

Empreendimentos Promoção Imobiliária Ecoconcept

Real Estate Promotion 

Ecoconcept has a transversal concern with satisfying the desires and needs of our

To that aim, we present a portfolio of ecologically sustainable and cost-effective passive housing plans and projects.

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