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Construção ICF


- The product is 100% recyclable. Its constitution is predominantly air (97%), the remaining 3% being mixed polystyrene.
- The material used allows the construction of houses and buildings.
- This type of construction meets all the requirements of current standards, such as resistance to natural disasters and fire.

- Greater insulation (thermal and acoustic)
- Greater savings (economic and ecological)
easy assembly
- Affordable transport for workers involved in the process

- Quick and simple construction, equally simple repair and expansion
- Low ecological footprint
- Low maintenance
- Reduced build time
- Resistance to natural disasters such as earthquakes 



- Quality and innovation
- Energy efficiency
- Sustainable construction 
- Simplicity and speed
- Cost effective 
- Technical support

Construção ICF
Construção ICF

What is?

(Insulated Concrete Forms)

It is a construction system consisting of insulating blocks in EPS, expanded polystyrene, which after assembly, are filled with reinforced concrete, forming the exterior walls of buildings.

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