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Ecoconcept incorporates a Product and a building strategy that enables the development of passive houses which are environmentally friendly and cost-effective in less time.

Construção sustentável

Construction Method

Ecoconcept went to the market to seek the finest solutions, basing its structures on the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) block construction method, with the goal of completing what we set out to do. In this way, it is possible to construct energy-efficient housing that is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, as long as five key characteristics are met: watertightness, insulation, the elimination of thermal bridges, a high-quality thermal frame, air control using dual flow VMC.


We use reinforced concrete-filled expanded polystyrene insulating formwork blocks.
The material is completely recyclable. Air makes up 97% of its composition, with mixed polystyrene accounting for the remaining 3%.
The material chosen has the advantage of allowing the construction of virtually any style of house or structure.
This form of building satisfies all current standards, including natural catastrophe and fire resistance.

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Our houses allow for automatic ventilation of the house through a VMC double flow controlled ventilation system, an ambient temperature without additional air conditioning, and assured comfort without the need to turn on the heating, thanks to their waterproof and thermal insulation qualities.
All of these characteristics work together to provide healthier air filtration and lower CO2 emissions, which helps to preserve our planet.


Thanks to the product and construction method, high energy efficiency houses providing consumers the possibility to save, economically and energetically, in the medium to long term.

Construção em ICF
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