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Interior Design Trends for 2022


This article is dedicated to the 5 trends not to be missed in this year's interior design, from Ecoconcept's perspective.

green furniture

The demand for sustainable furniture and interior decoration has never been so important, we live at a time where the market continues to grow worldwide, in Portugal alone the retail sales volume exceeded 800 million euros in 2018. This phenomenon is due to a slight improvement in the purchasing power of Portuguese families, but also due to the increase in the offer in this sector and in “low cost” products such as “IKEA”.

This growth is a good sign for the market, but is it a good sign for the environment? Many of the furniture sold today contain chemical coatings or materials that prevent their recycling. For example, in 2018 in the US, 12 million tons of furniture waste were produced.

Thus, investing in recyclable and sustainable products in this sector is not only imperative due to the environmental situation we are experiencing, but also given the growing importance that the population gives to this market, more specifically due to the issue of the pandemic and confinements. So we started to see a bet on materials such as wood, wicker, jute fiber.

multifunctional furniture

The real estate market is a volatile market and with exponential growth, these characteristics have impacted the type of homes that are sold as well as their interiors. We can observe in world capitals a growing need for the verticalization of buildings, as well as the increase in the price of m2, which has led to smaller dwellings starting to demand innovative solutions for the interiors of these new homes and thus we arrive at multifunctional furniture: a modern solution that revolutionizes the life of people who live in an urban context in T0/ or small T1 studios, allowing these people to have more equipment and furniture than in the past.


biophilic design

Biophilic design is associated with the combination of interior design and nature. Thus, this concept aims to increase the connection between nature and the residential space, through the use of nature or design that recalls natural forms.

This concept has gained attention from industry and consumers, because numerous studies have been carried out that correlate stress reduction, cognitive and creative enhancement, and people's well-being. In this way, we start to see houses with more plants and trees, even on the outside of the buildings we can see in some cases entire external walls with plants.

Allied to yet another design trend: the curvilinear design, this will be one of the trends of the future, which is in line with new environmental concerns.

Curved Furniture


This design trend originally emerged in the 1970s in Danish design and has since been an “on and off” trend. However, the pandemic has brought this trend back again and maybe it will last. And this is due to a very simple fact: the moments of great uncertainty and nervousness brought about by the pandemic resulted in an increase in demand for something more comfortable and welcoming, the curvilinear design helps to provide that.

The factor that makes the curvilinear design perfect to provide a more welcoming environment in these uncertain times is the psychological aspect of the human being: it reacts positively to curvilinear and circular features/shapes. These shapes trigger an automatic reaction in our brain, giving the space a more natural and visually less tiring look.


It is possible to observe the resurgence of vintage in all areas, from hairstyles to the colors of our clothes, which are becoming more vivid again, computer/mobile games, iconic and old cars being renewed…In other words, the interest and admiration for certain objects or fashions of the past crosses all cultures, areas and ages, and design will be no different.

We can see now, mostly, the design of the 70s: The retro style, which mixes some straight lines with circular ones creating a relaxed, fun and calm design. This combination of sensations provided by the design is the ideal combination for the social moment we are currently experiencing.

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